Sounding Board meeting at HVTT

On October 4th2018, the 4th Sounding Board meeting took place in parallel with the International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology HVTT15, in Rotterdam. The meeting was a success and a large number of members were able to enjoy the full day of conferences related to long-haul transport.

Sounding Board meeting at HVTT15

The event started with a brief explanation of the project’s first-year evalution followed by a presentation of the highlights of the work done. All the improvements made were explained, which helped the Sounding Board members to have a better understanding of the evolvement of the AEROFLEX project.

Great importance was given to the roadmap in order to create the final Book of Recommendations to be delivered. This roadmap includes the need to have three Workshops during 2019 based on the necessities identified up to now by the project partners.

Workshops schedule

In order to create this Book of Recommendations (BoR), it is necessary to identify the existing gaps in the current regulatory framework as well as controversial issues that will play an important role in the deployment of AEROFLEX‘s new concepts.  The objective of the first workshop is to focus on the regulatory framework related to AEROFLEX‘s concepts and solutions.

Finally, all the necessary pillars to build the BoR were shown (see below) and for each pillar, key stakeholders were identified in order to address and discuss the topics. Future workshop topics will be based on the different pillars and necessities identified.

Structure of the Book of Recommendations (BoR)