AEROFLEX – Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport   

The AEROFLEX project is to develop and demonstrate new technologies, concepts and architectures for complete vehicles that are energy efficient, safe, comfortable, configurable and cost-effective, while ensuring that the varying needs of customers are satisfied by being flexible and adaptable with respect to the continuously changing operational conditions.

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Project Interactions

The AEROFLEX project interacts through its partners to several FP7 and HORIZON2020 related projects. Examples are: TRANSFORMERS and ECOCHAMPS. Furthermore it will activitly participate in the activities organised by the European Green Vehecles inititiatives of which the project is part of. Read more.

Partners about

" In the AEROFLEX project, IVECO has the responsibility of work package 5 with the task of study an Innovative Front End Design for more Safety. IVECO coordinates the activities related to the development of an innovative safer truck front end,.. Read more
"The quantity of goods to be transported has risen sharply in recent years. It is therefore paramount to develop new technologies that reduce fuel consumption and at the same time increase the efficiency of freight transport...Read more
" TNO is proud and happy to be part of the Aeroflex consortium. Our main drive and goal is to support the development of efficient long haul transport.. Read more
"I expect the Aeroflex project to deliver the demonstration that new vehicle architecture are a key lever to tackle the stakes of CO2 emission of freight road transport. We also support the project to explain how the tires are involved in this new vehicle performance" Frederic Domprobst - Michelin
“By participating in AEROFLEX we wish to grow our network and sharpen our abilities in the field of heavy vehicle aerodynamics, develop novel concepts, and ultimately, strengthen our portfolio of product innovations”, Torbjörn Larsson, Senior Technical Specialist & Team Leader, Creo Dynamics". Torbjörn Larsson - CREO
"In the AEROFLEX project, Prof. Robert Thomson, Dr. András Bálint, Dr. Giulio Bianchi Piccinini and Ron Schindler at Chalmers University are responsible to collect and analyze existing field data and prepare scenarios for assessment of safety impact of the project. Read more..
“The AEROFLEX project provides a unique opportunity for us to prepare the integration of the entire vehicle's aerodynamics, unlocking the future-generation performance levels that our customers desire and deserve”. Michiel van Nesselrooij - DAF
"Road freight transport is the dominant transport mode in EU, which cannot meet the future environmental targets, if remains unchanged. AEROFLEX with its goals builds a bridge towards more sustainable, productive and profitable road freight transport. Read more..
“Aeroflex is about developing new vehicle concepts, but priorities have to be set based on market demand. At TML, our aim is to help discover the elements of market demand for freight and logistic services that will be most relevant in the future. Read more.. 

Sounding Board

The AEROFLEX project has a Sounding Board which consist of representatives of authorities, policy makers, logistics, and industry who advise and help guide the process of defining the recommendations of the solutions developed within the project. The Sounding Board members have access to a restricted area on this website, where they can access project documents. Click here