Highlights of the AEROFLEX project first phase

Important highlights of the AEROFLEX project:

  • 72 Logistic Solution Providers (LSP) and shippers were involved in identifying 25 use cases.
  • Advanced Energy Management Powertrain is in concept ready and agreed. The hardware can be build according plan.
  • On the topic Aerodynamics, the CFD models (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for the reference and baseline models are ready. Interest is showed from side ACEA & CLCCR to use the reference model for future CO2 regulations.

  • Work done on the ‘Smart Loading Unit’-topic has resulted in a close cooperation with the funded project Cluster 2.0 and UIRR/CFL to demonstrate the importance of rail/road freight transport.

  • An in-depth analysis of accidents gives the project valuable information to develop proposals for the front end design for better survivability by crashes.
  • A detailed plan is made for the demonstration and evaluation activities, with full support of the chair of fuel economy of truck and buses of SAE.
  • Last but not least 3 successful Sounding Board (SB) meetings have been held in 2018. The interest in the AEROFLEX is growing. The SB counts close to 50 members, which is a growth of 40% as from the start of the project in October 2017.