CREO Dynamics

Creo Dynamics is a small engineering enterprise with core competences in fluid mechanics, acoustics and structural dynamics. Our business strategy includes product innovation, consulting and research. Creo Dynamics participates frequently in national and international research programs where focus often is on the development of new emerging technologies for the automotive or aerospace industry. Creo Dynamics has a large and growing portfolio of innovations and patents.

In AEROFLEX, Creo Dynamics will primarily contribute to task 3.3 of WP3 being devoted to CFD analysis of various concepts. However, involvements in tasks 3.1 (Planning), 3.2 (Concept Generation) and task 3.6 (Results Presentation) are also anticipated.

Creo Dynamics holds a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers with vast experiences and knowledge from automotive external aerodynamics simulations and CFD methodology and we have collaborated with several automotive OEM´s in the past. Combined we own more than 60 man-years of experience from aerodynamics simulations and CFD.

Country: Sweden