Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization with more than 80 research units, including 67 Fraunhofer Institutes, at different locations in Germany. Their research efforts are geared entirely to people’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment.

In the AEROFLEX project two Fraunhofer Insitutes will be involved: The Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastrucutre Systems (IVI) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML).

  • The Fraunhofer IVI employs over 100 researchers in four departments, collaborating closely with the universities TU Dresden and TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The institute is operating in a wide array of transport-related research and development topics, spanning amongst others the fields of vehicle propulsion, electromobility, traffic planning and new vehicle concepts. Fraunhofer IVI’s facilities are the home of high-performance laboratories (including a test track), innovative test platforms and vehicles.
  • The Fraunhofer IML employs over 250 researchers. We work out new logistics solutions together with our customers from realization of soft- or hardware solutions, optimization of internal and external logistics up to analyzing markets and innovations.

Country: Germany