HAN is one of the biggest Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The knowledge span is very broad from engineering, economy, law, bio science up to IT and communication. The one involved in this project; HAN Automotive research, has an extensive experience and track list in the commercial vehicle assessment, model based design, and testing.

In AEROFLEX, HAN Automotive Research will be involved in WP1, WP6, and WP7. The main tasks are related to the development of vehicle simulation models, and quantitative verification of the models through the experimental testing. HAN possesses a generic modelling library of commercial vehicles, developed in preceding projects, that is customized for the assessment of the vehicle performance against the performance-based, legislative framework. The definition of state of the art performance-based regulatory framework that address the vehicle features, developed in the WP2-5, reflecting on vehicle behaviour, infrastructure impact will be also co-assigned to HAN. The outputs will be subsequently used as a main input to the recommendations for future standards and regulatory framework.

Website: www.han.nl
Country: the Netherlands