Transport en Mobility Leuven

Transport & Mobility Leuven NV (TML) conducts applied research to support policy decisions. It is our mission to help society by offering scientifically sound analyses. To this end, we rely on quantitative research: modelling, statistical analyses, simulations, and prognoses. Our focus is both scientific and practical: we are the bridge between the university and society. Our clients are the European Commission, national governments and administrations, local and regional authorities as well as sector associations and non-profit organizations. They base their policy on our analyses and prognoses.

TML’s role in the AEROFLEX project will be to assess the market potential of the new truck designs for the 2025-2035 horizon. We will review current market conditions for different vehicle and commodity types, and help create projections for the relevant operational markets, all as part of WP1.

Country: Belgium