“ TNO is proud and happy to be part of the Aeroflex consortium. Our main drive and goal is to support the development of efficient long haul transport by vehicle-in-the-loop testing of the distributed powertrain and by an independent assessment of the impact of the Aeroflex innovations on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. ”  Gert-Jan Koornneef – TNO

TNO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek TNO) is one of the major independent research organisaties in Europe.

In the theme of Transport and Mobility applied research is carried out for the automotive industry and related branches. The expertise covers relevant technological aspects as well as the influence of human behaviour. The focus is on innovation in the areas of reliable transport systems and safe and clean mobility.

In AEROFLEX, the key activity of TNO is to assess the impact of the new developed technologies in the project on the key performance indicators, such as transport efficiency, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Since the new technologies will impact transport efficiency on different system levels, existing assessment tools will be coupled and updated in order to assess the impact on a ton-km basis.

Country: the Netherlands

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