Use cases

Use cases relevant for the AEROFLEX project have been identified and discussed with the stakeholders. These cases are based on four criteria that can be mixed up (1) a volume -based scenario (2) a weight-based option, (3) an intermodal case and (4) a distance-based case (urban, medium and long-haul transport). In this task, the pre-selected use cases (10 in total) have been briefly described at this stage. For all use cases, specific preliminary KPI’s have been chosen and registered in six specific categories: transport efficiency, operational parameters, vehicle uptime, loading parameters, safety and limitations and digital and IoT. The final list of KPIs will be elaborated based on the input of the markets (sounding board) and of the other WPs.

A first catalogue of user requirements has been established and split into categories (logistic operational aspects, operational time, flexibility, (smart) Loading units). All these requirements must be taken into consideration when choosing the use cases of the AEROFLEX project.

Transport demand related to transport distances (source own picture based on EUROSTAT)