Aerodynamic Features for the Complete Vehicle

The AEROFLEX project will develop and demonstrate adaptive aerodynamic features for the complete vehicle which result in significantly reduced aerodynamic drag. The work will be based on CFD simulations and wind tunnel tests, and a selection of the investigated concepts will also be evaluated on a demonstrator vehicle.

Initial work has focused on:

  • Preparation of CFD models and methods to be used in the project. The set of CFD models include tractor and truck vehicles with and without extended fronts that can be combined with a dolly and/or a semitrailer.
  • Selection of about 20 concepts for further development based on initial performance estimates.
  • A publishable summary of the report can be found on the website [go to the website]

In the coming phase of the project, extensive CFD simulations will be performed to support the development of the selected aerodynamic concepts. A scale model for the first wind tunnel test campaign will be designed and manufactured, and the measurements will be performed in the FCA wind tunnel in Torino 2019. Some of the aerodynamic concepts will be implemented on a demonstrator vehicle, and the planning and the initial design of the demonstrator will be ramped-up in September 2018.