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Results within the AEROFLEX project

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Most of the reports are confidential (CO), in those cases only a public summary is available.

Result categories

  1. Map and quantify load in EU and potential for configurable truck
    1.1. Transport market and its drivers with respect to new vehicle concepts [2018, full report]
    1.2 Decision maker survey on new vehicle concepts [2018, summary]
  2. Advanced Energy Management Powertrain (AEMPT)
  3.  Aerodynamic Features for the Complete Vehicle (AFCV)
    3.1. Report on selection of concepts [2018, summary]
  4. Smart loading units (SML)
    4.1 Use cases and requirements defined for smart loading units in a multi-modal context and KPIs [2018, summary]
  5. Innovative Front End Design for more Safety (IFEDS)
    5.1 Safety issues for safety system design [2018, summary]
  6. Demonstration, validation and analyses of feasibility
  7. Recommendations and roadmap for a new regulatory framework