AEROFLEX Webinar organized by Van Eck

Van Eck organized AEROFLEX webinar on the 8th of October 2020 to support its stakeholder’s future implementation roadmap.

In line with Van Eck’s vision to reinvent to modern road transport with sustainability goals, Van Eck has been active in European Commission funded Aeroflex Project for developing Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for the next generation of Long Distance Transport since the project began in 2017. 

During the webinar session, Aeroflex Project Coordinator Ben Kraaijenhagen, Van Eck’s Head of Research and Development Ton Bertens were the moderators and Van Eck Executive Board Member Hans van Eck made the opening speech.

In the first part of webinar session, Ton Bertens explained Van Eck’s contribution to Aeroflex project for the development of Aerodynamics of the LHVs as well as development of the e-dolly. Van Eck also detailed its expertise in volume optimization, expertise in LHV combinations on the road  since 2004 and shared details on future Van Eck  new LHV  vehicle development the standard trailer, air cargo, Twin Deck combinations as well as Van Eck EMS-2 vehicle with the dolly.

In the second part of the session, Aeroflex Project Coordinator Ben Kraaijenhagen, detailed Aeroflex project goals of meet the challenges of zero emission transport with developing the next generation of road vehicles as well as key focuses while addressing the challenge and current development status with the participants. Mr. Kraaijenhagen shared the Aeroflex agenda until May 2021. Introducing the IAP Task Force Project, Mr. Kraaijenhagen invited all stakeholders, policy makers, planners, owners of the infrastructures and providers of electronic and digital systems to take participate in the IAP Task Force for the implementation of the Aeroflex and sustainable transport solutions in the line with EU carbon reduction demands from the industry.

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